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Visian ICL Technology

An Illustrated Guide to the STAAR Visian ICL Procedure

Visian 1Implanting the Visian lens is a two-part process. Step one requires the use of a YAG Laser to make two small openings in the outside of the iris 90 degrees apart. The openings guard against possible elevation of intraocular pressure immediately following the implantation of the new lens.



Visian 2

Step two is the insertion of the new collamer lens. The Visian ICL has a foldable design that makes it easy to insert the lens through a small (3 mm) incision in the cornea, the outer surface of the eye. The incision is self-sealing and no stitches are required.



Visian 3As the lens is advanced from the cartridge into the eye, it slowly unfolds and is moved into place in front of the iris.




Patients receive topical or local anesthesia to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. The procedure is done in the office on an outpatient basis. Please be sure to have someone drive you to the office and home after the procedure is completed. Eye drops or oral medication may be prescribed. Two follow-up visits are required: one 2 – 4 hours after the procedure (the same day) and one the day after surgery. Learn more about STAAR Visian ICL technology at www.visianinfo.com!

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