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ReSTOR® IOL Procedure

Before the ReSTOR® IOL Procedure, people over 40 had to resign themselves to reading glasses, progressive lenses or bifocals to see clearly up close. As the eye ages, the crystalline lens becomes inflexible and cannot focus at near, a condition known as presbyopia. Many people first notice this when their arms get “too short” to read fine print.  They are hardly alone: An estimated 90 million Americans either already have presbyopia or will develop it by 2014. Presbyopia usually starts around 40 and continues to worsen with age. Without reading glasses, people with presbyopia have difficulty reading the paper, books, smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, price tags and menus.

ReSTOR® your eyesight

If you would like to eliminate reading glasses and bifocals, the ReSTOR® IOL lens replacement procedure will help. In fact, some people say this landmark vision correction technology has literally restored the eyesight of their youth. Vision correction is consistent and permanent, allowing patients to enjoy activities like reading, sewing, or playing cards, all without corrective eyewear. U.S. clinical trials of laser ReSTOR® IOL yielded remarkable results. Patients were able to return to performing everyday activities without reading glasses, monovision contacts or bifocals:

  • 99% of patients could see well enough to drive a car
  • 97% of patients could read the newspaper
  • 90% of patients could shave or put on makeup
  • 74% of patients could read stock quotes in the Wall Street Journal

The majority of Dr. Christenbury’s ReSTOR® IOL patients can read from 10 inches out to arms-length – the functional range for reading and computer distance. Better yet, since the dual optic design has both a distance and near optic, ReSTOR® also corrects or maintains distance vision. Unlike a bifocal, ReSTOR provides simultaneous distance and near vision.  Dr. Christenbury has converted many monovision patients to ReSTOR and they are happier using both eyes for distance and reading.  Patients generally have the procedure on Thursday, recover over the weekend and return to work and normal activities on Monday.

A Breakthrough Lens Technology

It’s important to understand that while ReSTOR IOL is an innovative technology, intraocular lenses are not new. Lens replacement surgery for cataracts has been used for more than 30 years and is the most commonly performed surgery in the U.S. Since 1990, more than 50 million lenses with the acrylic Acrysof material used in ReSTOR® lens replacement have been implanted in patients’ eyes worldwide.

A Safe and Proven Process

Dr. Christenbury has been performing artificial lens implant surgery for over 20 years, and has implanted more than 6,000 multifocal lenses. He began performing the ReSTOR® IOL procedure in 2005. He even had the ReSTOR procedure himself.

Eliminate Reading Glasses and Bifocals Now!

Contact us today to learn more about the ReSTOR® procedure for the treatment of presbyopia. Call (877) 702-2020 and schedule a free consultation to find out whether you could be a candidate for ReSTOR® IOL.

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