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Christenbury Eye Center Study Finds Improvement After iLASIK Surgery

94.5% of patients experienced 20/20 or better in 1 month and 97% of patients improved after 6 Months.

Jonathan D. Christenbury, MD performed what may be the largest iLASIK single-center study to date that documents the improvements of 14,126 eyes over a 6-month period. The results show that 94.5% of patients served experienced 20/20 or better eyesight after 1 month. However, astonishingly, the study found that after 6 months, 97% of patients served experienced these results. The study proves that all-laser iLASIK surgery continues to improve eyesight over a period of time.

“The data are very compelling because of the large number of eyes involved,” stated Dr. Christenbury, CEO, Christenbury Eye Center. “Most studies I’ve seen involved a few hundred eyes and only one-month follow ups.”

The study was conducted on patients from 2005 to 2010 using an all-laser iLASIK. The mean patient age was 38 with ages ranging from 18 to 64. The group was 53% female and 47% male. Each patient was evaluated using WaveScan testing that creates a map of each individual’s eyes for wavefront errors and generates a custom treatment. Dr. Christenbury attributes the high success rate in this study to the custom wavefront-directed procedure.

To date, Dr. Christenbury has performed more than 70,000 LASIK surgeries with tremendous success. Christenbury Eye Center employs the very latest in lasers and other eye surgery technology to ensure the greatest results for patients. He also utilizes the world’s fastest vision correction laser, the Zeiss VisuMax that pulses 500,000 per second. LASIK surgery is very safe, effective and stable over time. The majority of patients achieve 20/20 vision with proper night vision as well. 

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